Tissot Cremant Du Jura NV

Tissot Cremant Du Jura NV

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Jura, France
100% Chardonnay
Sustainable, Vegan


Jacques Tissot began making wine in 1962 with a tiny parcel of fruit that he inherited from his father. He now has 30 hectares of vines, across the AOC Arbois, Arbois-Pupillin and the Côtes of the Jura. He makes wine alongside his wife Michelle and his now adult children also help out in the family winery. They focus on showcasing the traits that are so characteristic of the Jura region. The estate is farmed sustainably, with minimal use of chemicals in the vineyards, instead improving vineyard biodiversity.

This is a top quality Crémant, with a fresh, supple and balanced mouthfeel revealing vibrant green apple, peach, brioche and walnuts. A round mouthfeel, with a beautiful rich fruit expression typical of Chardonnay. This Cremant finishes on a lovely creamy note.

This is the wine we open as a welcome drink for all our tastings so we really mean it when we say it is an incredible aperitif!