Domaine de Vodanis Vouvray Demi-Sec NV

Domaine de Vodanis Vouvray Demi-Sec NV

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Vouvray, Loire Valley
100% Chenin Blanc
Demi Sec (Off Dry)
Sustainable, Vegan, Low Sulphites


Domaine de Vodanis was created in 2007 by two young friends, Francois Gilet and Nicolas Darracq, who met at the winemaking school in the Loire Valley. After working and training on their own, they decided to join forces and with the help of Francois’s family, they took over a long-term lease on the 4.5 hectare Vodanis Vineyard. During that time, they added another 10 hectares located deeper into the plateau of Rochecordon.

The philosophy of this estate revolves around respecting and observing the rhythms of nature, so they use entirely sustainable farming practices, borrowing many techniques from biodynamics. Yields are strictly limited in the vineyards, and they use no chemicals or additives and limit their intervention overall during the winemaking process with the exception of a trace amount of sulphites at bottling. They rack their wines in their ancient and original chalk cellar according to the phases of the moon.

A sparkling wine that jumps out of the glass. With sweet and smooth honey, lime flower and strong quince flavours completed by a lively acidity and a juicy lime finish. Dried pear and chalk follow on the palate with a crunchy, creamy marzipan aftertaste.

Drinking now. This wine goes hand in hand with rich fish, like tuna or salmon.