24th June 2019 - Pojer e Sandri Winemaker Tasting

24th June 2019 - Pojer e Sandri Winemaker Tasting

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186 Fulham Road, SW10 9PN
7pm until 9pm
Intimate Seated Tasting


We are thrilled to announce that Federico, founder, winemaker and distiller from Pojer e Sandri is joining us on the 24th June to showcase his diverse range of drinks.

Pojer e Sandri make stunning wines and spirits between the Valle dell’Adige and the Valle di Cembra on the hill of Faedo. Their focus is on the absolute purity of the wine, using little to no sulphites and additives. Innovators in their field, devising unique winemaking methods to further ensure the freshness of each wine.

From a zero additive sparkling to a 1998 Brandy, this will be an incredibly eclectic evening.

The Wines

Zero Infinito 2017
Muller Thurgau Palai IGT 2017
Nosiola IGT 2017
Chardonnay IGT 2016
Pinot Nero IGT 2016
Pinot Nero Pianezzi IGT 2013
Acquavite di Pere Williams NV
Brandy Divino 1998